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a dark emotional journey

Under Delusion - Dasha, pls (Official Music Video)
Under Delusion - Burning Under Water (Official Lyric Video)
Under Delusion - Dive (Official Lyric Video)
Under Delusion - Over The Rainbow (Official Lyric Video)


Alternative rock band. Featuring low timbered female vocals leading the way, the sound is given further depth and fullness by mix of guitar riffs and synth grooves. Balancing familiarity with unquestionable identity, their sound stands out for fresh approach to alternative rock.
Comprised of band members well into their thirties, Under Delusion speaks volumes on behalf of life-long passion and experience united. Presenting themes of love, anger, loss, and all manner of honest reflections on humanity and life itself, their songs call out to the deep thinkers and emotionally uncertain alike. In times of great division and difficulty, they offer understanding, escapism, and solace.

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